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Maintain the special features of the training equipment by using special washing and cleaning agents.

In order to maintain and restore the breathability, dirt and water repellency of sportswear, we recommend using laundry liquids developed for washing fabrics with technical properties. We certainly do not recommend the use of washing powder, which, if not dissolved, could damage the special properties of expensive sportswear and clog the pores of the membrane fabric. Twisting, washing at too high temperatures, and vigorous spinning can also compromise the effectiveness of the training equipment. Before washing sportswear, we always recommend that you read the washing and care instructions of clothing manufacturers and, if possible, use a special washing program.

Mayeri ALL-CARE SPORT WASH laundry liquid meets European Union „Ecolabel“ criterions. It has passed strict efficiency tests, has low impact on enviorment and is biodegradable in nature. Environmentally-friendly but effective!

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